What is NiceTalk Junior? NiceTalk Junior is the latest addition in NiceTalk’s English Learning Program. We provide fun, educational, and interactive English classes to Young Chinese learners (4-12 years old) through NiceTalk’s learning platform. English fluency is achieved through constant practice, but this alone is a long practice. When constant practice is accompanied by fun and interactive activities delivered by excellent teachers, acquiring the English language will be faster. NiceTalk Junior aims to provide personalized and interactive English classes online to Young Chinese Learners using curriculum created to specifically target language acquisition at the students’ English level.
Benefits of being a Nicetalk Junior Tutor: Because all NiceTalk Junior tutors have bound students, you don’t have to worry about the stability of your job. If you are passionate about teaching English to kids; committed to excellence; and have what it takes to make a difference teaching English, join us. Being part of the NiceTalk Junior team will allow you to hone your teaching skills and have fun while you earn.
  • Referral Incentive
  • Training programs
  • Performance-based incentives
  • Regular students /Bound students
  • Flexible schedules – teach anytime, anywhere!
  • Timely customer service